The Bathtub Philosopher

A Bathtub Philosopher is an individual who tends to think a lot.  They imagine how things are, HOW they HAVE BEEN; and HOW THEY COULD BE.  They may not have gone to college, or even graduated high school; but what sets them apart is that they LIKE to think.  They like to ponder, ruminate, worry, draw up ‘what-if?’s, speculate, confront, dodge to the side of assumptions and explore uncharted territory.  Bathtub Philosopher is the nickname I gave myself, after finding that I did my best thinking in the bathtub. – There’s just something about the water, the dark, being alone – that brings out the philosopher in me.

My father, David Lee Madison, Sr. – now THERE was a thinker!  When just a child, he would pose these problems and make me wait for a day or two before he would give me the solution, hoping, that I’d get the answer on my own.  He wanted me to learn HOW TO THINK; not necessarily what the schools tend to teach – or the WHAT TO THINK.  I believe that should be up to the individual doing the thinking! – HEY! – it’s my brain, right? – Then I should get the chance to use it how I see fit.


This is the first post from this blog.  Now that I’ve done a ton of posting on Facebook; I think I’m finally ready to step up to a page of my own; even if I’m only stepping up to being hosted on WordPress at the moment!  I do have other blogs on WordPress…stuff I haven’t updated – but it ought to give you a sense of my style and what things I’m interested in.  I especially feel fond of Synergy

Published by: KnavetheMage

33, Male, Only child. I like chess, meditation, watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, and Putlocker. I plan on starting up a Newly-Wed Helicopter service on exotic islands. I love raccoons, lizards, dragons, unicorns and elves; oh - and sexy women dressed up as Santa's Elves!

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